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A Powerful,
Yet Simple Vision

AEG Vision is a caring community of local providers, helping our neighbors take care of their vision, one patient at a time.

Through a streamlined transition process, AEG Vision (formerly Acuity Eyecare Group) allows you to capitalize on the value of your practice today. This empowers you to have the freedom to focus on taking care of patients and delivering exceptional customer service versus allocating your valuable time to administrative, regulatory, and compliance matters. Our expert team provides a straightforward and seamless experience during the transition of ownership for both you and your patients.

We Provide the Freedom to Focus on Patient Care

It’s more difficult than ever for Eye Care Professionals to grow their business and sustain financial and personal success. Whether it’s the impact of vertical integration, constant changes in managed care, or the ongoing pressures of owning a private practice, AEG Vision provides practice transition and operational support solutions to optometry practices that allows for maximized value through scale, collaboration, innovation, and a strong vision for future growth.

Every detail was accounted for during the acquisition process. We were able to provide a good buyout structure for the owners that were retiring and come up with terms that worked for the owners staying on with AEG Vision. AEG Vision was very interested in analyzing what was working well with our practice and discussing enhancements they would bring to the business to make it more successful. We had many open discussions about things that were important to us, as owners, and incorporating that into the terms of the purchase agreement.

Dr. Brian Brightman

EyeCare Specialties, P.C.

AEG Vision’s Proven Formula for Success


You worked hard for many years to build your practice. Get the rewards you deserve.

AEG Vision will deliver full value for your practice and provide the tools and support to help you transition to the next phase of your career as part of the AEG Vision family. We are committed to delivering on your future.


No one is more invested in your practice and your reputation as a doctor than you.

You put a lot of time, money, effort and heart into your success—that’s why we want to keep you involved. We encourage you to keep the elements that make your practice unique and successful. AEG Vision helps you build on the foundation you’ve created.


We know what matters most to you is caring for your patients.

AEG Vision removes the hassles and frustrations of day-to-day operations and administration that keep you from doing what you love most—being a great doctor. Our experienced team provides support, guidance, and resources at all levels.

Interested? AEG Vision is ready to discuss your future success.

We offer solutions ranging from a high valuation, low stress exit strategy to an ongoing partnership allowing you to focus on patient care for years to come. Contact Brad Davis directly or submit this form.

To hear about AEG Vision from a doctor’s perspective, contact Dr. Ben Chudner, Chief Medical Officer and head of the AEG Optometric Advisory Council. We look forward to partnering with you.

Bret Davis
VP, Corporate Development
[email protected]

Ben Chudner, O.D., F.A.A.O.
VP, Chief Medical Officer
[email protected]

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