The impressions we make on our partners is paramount to future success.

Read the first-hand experiences of some of our most recent partners and hear what they have to say about becoming part of AEG Vision.


The impressions we make on our partners is paramount to future success. Read what they have to say about becoming part of AEG Vision.

“A commitment to maintaining our unique atmosphere and culture was an absolute must in selecting a future partner. AEG Vision put forth a plan which made it clear that they would do so. We look forward to a bright future with AEG Vision’s support.”
Channing Baird, O.D.

Eyes of the World

“The transition team at AEG Vision has been extremely efficient and professional. The entire process has been very fluid and communications have been excellent. I could not have asked for a better group to be associated with. The future looks bright with AEG Vision.”
Tom Arnold, O.D., F.S.L.S.

Memorial Eye Center

“Because of AEG Vision’s open communication and guidance throughout the process, we are confident that AEG shares our commitment to delivering comprehensive eye care and will provide the resources to enhance EyeCare Consultant’s ability to serve the community.”
John L. Schachet, O.D.

EyeCare Consultants

“In a practice transition partner I looked for an organization poised for strong growth and also one with a strong leadership team. What attracted me to AEG Vision was their OD- and owner-friendly process which facilitated a seamless transition. AEG also demonstrated excellence in the areas I wanted to improve in my practice, especially with their use of technology to create efficiencies.”
Sahba Jalali, O.D.

Advanced Vision

“We are a highly medical practice and Harper’s Point selected AEG Vision because, as both a company and as individuals, we found them to be a very reasonable organization focused on reasonable solutions. AEG worked with a sense of pragmatism and provided Harper’s Point a clear avenue to maintain our style of practice.”
Elliot M. Kirstein, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Harper's Point Eye Associates

“In AEG Vision, we have found a partner whose leadership team has had a track record of success, a company who has been able to maintain stability during growth periods and most importantly someone who shares the same vision of medical optometry that we had built our practice on for the last several decades.”
Todd A. Zelczak, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Harper's Point Eye Associates

“AEG Vision was professional, efficient and respectful throughout the review and transaction process. Because of AEG’s open communication and transparency, we were confident AEG shares our commitment to medical eye care and will provide the tools to enhance patient care in each community that Insight Vision Center serves.”
Neal Troyer, O.D.

Insight Vision Center

“I wanted a partner that would respect the history of Silverbell Eyecare. AEG Vision made it clear, during the entire transition, that it would do so. I am confident that the best days for Silverbell Eyecare remain ahead.”
Richard Baim, O.D.

Silverbell Eye Care Center

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