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Your Advocate for Optometry

Led by a seasoned leadership team and guided by its internal advisory board of doctors, AEG Vision operates on principles that put quality of care and the safety of patients first. 

The Principles We Advocate For:

Comprehensive Eye Exams Are Best Peformed In-Person

Online applications offering “vision tests” and related services often leave patients with more questions than answers.

That’s why AEG Vision believes the best quality of care begins with an in-person, comprehensive eye exam.

Doctors Should Be Free to Practice Full-Scope Optometry

AEG Vision believes that Optometrists should be allowed to practice to the full scope of their license, utilizing their complete skill set.

In addition, expanding the scope of Optometry is critical to keeping communities healthy through early detection of various health conditions. 

Doctors of Optometry Are Providers of Essential Care

Aligning with guidance from the CDC and AOA, AEG Vision believes Doctors of Optometry provide essential care to communites worldwide.

Optometrists allow patients to maintain their health and visual acuity and, in times of crisis, Optometrists can ease the burden on primary care physicians, emergency rooms and hospitals.

The 2020 Contact Lens Rule Impacts Quality of Care

AEG Vision believes the 2020 compliance update to the FTC’s Contact Lens Rule puts undue requirements on doctors and staff, complicating their ability to practice and diverting their time and resources away from patient care.


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